In the Classroom

Pattern Explorations 1– Paisley Printmaking
(Grade 1-2)



...and many more differently and well "finished" pieces on the drying rack!

We talked about and looked at pears and mango pits. We talked about tear drops and leaf motifs. We explored a paisley pattern puzzle that had multiple possible configurationsbecause of it's repetitive pattern, and we looked at R.L.'s(student) stuffed, paisley patterned horse, a bandana and some fabric examples of paisley. We talked briefly about Motif, the East, England and industry. A guest Henna artist came in at a later date.


This project is scaleable and customizable. Consider some of the following:

  • complexity of design
  • level of art technique expertise
  • stress on drawing attack and skill development
  • degree of complexity as effort in exploration
  • learner arguments given for aesthetic decisions such as colour choice, line quality
  • cross-curriculum, real-world and intuitive connections

With a project like this we can teach:

  • Introduction to printmaking – relief, wax(pastel or crayon) resist and washes
  • Introduction to multiples
  • Drawing, Line
  • Pattern
  • Material/Surface Art and Design;
  • Colour Theory – analogous, contrasting and complimentary; colour blocking
  • Social Studies/Cultural Studies/Art History/History/Science/Math
  • Design Strategies/Problem Solving/Meta-Cognition by accomplishing through process based inquiry

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